In 2001, as Pro Vice Chancellor at Glasgow Caledonian University, I developed Real@Caledonian working with the REAL community learning network in Glasgow.

REAL@Caledonian focuses on enabling conversational learning supported by technology - not cyber cafe style technological learning devoid of conversation

REAL@Caledonian provides a convivial atmosphere with around 200 seats and, deliberately, has only 60 or so computers. It is one of the first of its kind providing technology enhanced learning space for students to work on their projects and course assignments

placing the emphasis on conversational learning and the sharing and exchange of ideas.

The spaces are designed to support group work, project work and problem based learning. The cafe is technology rich in terms of network availability and information access - providing a technology rich model that has informed the other space developments that I have been involved in and being an early version of the BOYD spaces that are now being developed.

As well as the photos of Real@Caledonian on this page there are other images here  The café was a prototype to test ideas for learning space design before embarking on the £23 million Saltire Centre.